Those who are wearing tight clothes due to fashion, they are harming the body in this way!

Fashion does not only mean following the trends, but many people do things according to their personal style. Just like many people like to wear loose clothes, there are many who have an affinity for tight clothes. It makes sense to wear tight clothes while swimming or cycling. But there are disadvantages of always wearing tight clothes. In such a situation, it is also necessary to keep in mind the damage caused by such clothes.

For example, if you wear too tight clothes, it can put pressure on your stomach and intestines. Because of this, there can be digestive problems. Apart from this, there are many such problems, which can arise due to tight clothes. Let us know about some such problems, which are caused by tight clothes.

There are many disadvantages of wearing tight clothes.

1. Burning and Tingling: Tight clothes rub the skin. Due to this, irritation and tingling can arise. Especially in those places where the cloth and skin are in absolutely rubbed condition. Like underarms or thighs.

2. Fungal Infection: Tight clothes made of synthetic fibers and making it difficult for the skin to breathe can become a big problem for the skin. Because of these there is a risk of fungal infection. People may have to struggle with diseases like itching.

3. Acne: Tight clothes can also cause acne. Due to these, the pores of the skin get closed and then they become the cause of acne.

4. Poor Blood Circulation: Wearing tight belted pants/skirts can cause skin sensitivity, redness, obstructed blood flow and over time can lead to a scar around the waist. Wearing other tight clothes like choli, blouse can cause disturbances in blood circulation.

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