War against Cervical Cancer, 2.55 crore girls will be vaccinated in 6 states in the first phase

Cervical Cancer Vaccine: Cancer is considered a fatal disease. Experts say that there is a reason behind cancer being fatal. Cancer is not known in the primary stage and until it is identified. By then it is too late. Early detection of cancer symptoms, treatment is the best way to prevent it. Cervical cancer is seen as a serious problem in women. Not only India, a large number of women and girls in the world are in its grip. To prevent this cancer, a big initiative is now being taken from the level of the Government of India.

Vaccination campaign will run in 6 states of the country
According to media reports, the Government of India is serious about the treatment of cervical cancer. In 6 states of the country, the vaccination campaign can start from June to protect girls of the age group of nine to 14 years from cervical cancer. The states which have been selected in the first phase of vaccination. They include Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

2.55 crore girls will get HPV vaccine
Preparations have been made for vaccination on a large scale in all the 6 states from the central government level. A target has been set to vaccinate 2.55 crore girls with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in all states. Experts say that after getting this vaccine, cervical cancer can be prevented.

16 crore vaccine will be tendered in April
The Universal Immunization Program of the Union Health Ministry is operated. A plan has been prepared to include HPV vaccine in this. HPV vaccine will be included in the Universal Immunization Program of the Union Health Ministry. According to the news, the central government will buy 16.02 crore doses of vaccine by 2026. For this, world class tender will be issued in the month of April.

Vaccine has also been launched
The Government of India and various organizations are working to prevent cervical cancer. Serum Institute has developed an indigenous vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. The vaccine named Sarvavac has been launched only last month. Serum vaccine is available in the market at Rs.2000 per dose. Cervavac is a two dose vaccine. A letter has also been written on behalf of Serum to the Union Health Ministry in this regard.

35 thousand women die every year
The seriousness of cervical cancer can be gauged from the fact that every year in India about 80 thousand women fall prey to this cancer, while 35 thousand women die. In view of this, the central government is going to take this big step.

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