WATCH: 23 faces before the budget… 23 hopes, how complete, how incomplete, see

Budget Session 2023: The sound of 2024 in the year 2023… Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the fifth budget of the second term of the Modi government tomorrow. ABP News Modi has come in front of you with 23 faces regarding the budget session. year 2023 Will present 23 expectations to you.

The budget session of the Parliament has started from today. President at the beginning of the session Draupadi Murmu From the speech of The President mentioned many things in his speech, one of which was that India has to be made such that no one is poor.

first face

The first face of the budget is the population of the country i.e. 143 crore people. India’s GDP is estimated to be close to 7% this year. 143 crore people of the country want it to grow faster. Such a budget should come which along with giving direction to the economic progress of the country, protects the border from enemies like China-Pakistan. People want such a budget which provides them world class infrastructure. Look at it in such a way that if the income of the common man increases, then the country’s economy will be strong and the budget is the moment of decision for him.

another face

The second face of the 2023 budget is the 44 crore middle class. Those earning between 2.5 lakh to 20 lakh annually are considered middle class. Middle class is considered as the engine of growth of the country. No government can ignore the middle class in the budget. The Finance Minister herself has said that she comes from the middle class, so the expectations of the middle class are sky high. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 38 per cent votes, but they lost their jobs on a large scale in the Corona epidemic. That’s why, in the second consecutive innings before the 2024 elections, the middle class is pinning huge hopes on employment from the last full budget of the Modi government.


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