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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Where and how to complain about bank employee? How to file Complaint of Any Bank Employee in Hindi?

No bank can make its customers wait in the name of lunch nor can any bank employee misbehave with the customers (ie you). By doing this you can file his complaint. In today’s article, we will tell you that Where and how can I complain about a bank employee? Understand the rights of bank customers, so that your work can be done quickly.


To promote Digital India, most of the banks are now emphasizing on online banking, but many times people have to go to the branch for some work or the other. If you ever see such behavior of any bank employee then you can file a complaint.


If the same thing has happened to you, then this article is for you only, because here we are going to tell you How to File Complaint of Any Bank Employee Who Misbehave with You Will share complete information.

If the bank staff does not do your work, then where and how to complain about it?

Often customers have many complaints regarding bank employees. Sometimes the customers are not satisfied with the behavior of the employees and sometimes they get upset due to the excuse of not working.

You can complain about a bank employee in many ways, but before that you should know some rules of the bank. such as …


Bank employees cannot go to lunch together

RBI had said in response to an RTI that bank officials cannot go for lunch together. They can take a lunch break one by one. Normal transactions should continue during this time. It is against the law to make customers wait for hours.

If the employee is late then there will be a complaint immediately


If bank employees make you wait for hours for lunch, do not talk to you properly or are late for work, then you can complain to them.

  • Some banks maintain registers for recording complaints for redressal of customer complaints. Here you can file a complaint.
  • If the register does not work, you can also complain about that employee to the bank manager or nodal officer.
  • In addition, there is usually a Grievance Redressal Forum in every bank to deal with customer complaints. They also solve customer’s problem.

How can a customer make a complaint against a bank employee in the Grievance Redressal Forum?

The purpose of the Grievance Redressal Forum is to resolve any customer complaint. Therefore, you can complain by taking the grievance redressal number of the bank. You can also email if you want.


Now the question arises that from where should I get the number?

You can get the grievance redressal number from the website of the concerned bank. If you want, you can also get the number by calling the customer care of the bank.

Bank employees cannot misbehave with customers

  • No customer can be discriminated against on the basis of caste, gender, age, religion.
  • A contract cannot be signed by intimidating any customer.
  • The customer cannot be forced to sell any product or get invested in any scheme.
  • The bank can sell a product only after knowing the financial situation of the customer.
  • The personal details of the customer cannot be shared by the bank employee with others. If for any reason it is necessary to share the details, then the permission of the customer has to be taken.
  • The customer has the right to refuse to provide the details in order to maintain his privacy.

What should the customer do if the bank does not act on the customer’s complaint?

Many times it happens that when you tell the bank employee that you will complain to him, then he says “go, jo tujhse ho” or some such words. If this is the case and even after your complaint, no action is taken, then do the following things.

Complain to the Banking Ombudsman?

RBI introduced the Banking Ombudsman Scheme in 2006 to address customer complaints. Customers can complain to the Banking Ombudsman. But …


You can complain to the Banking Ombudsman only if…

  • The bank to which the problem pertains, the bank has received the complaint of the customer and within a month there has been no response from their side to the customer.
  • The bank has dismissed the customer’s complaint.
  • The customer is not satisfied with the reply given by the bank to the customer.

While filing a complaint with the Banking Ombudsman, customers have to comply with certain conditions.

Customers cannot complain to the Direct Banking Ombudsman. First of all, they have to make a written complaint to the bank from where they have faced any problem.


You must make a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman within 1 year of the initiation of the complaint proceedings. It will not happen that you complain to the Banking Ombudsman after 2 years, 3 years or 5 years from the bank or its employees.

Tell the Banking Ombudsman if the bank employee is negligent?

  • If there is an office of the Banking Ombudsman in your city, you can directly lodge a complaint there.
  • If there is no office then you can complain by calling toll free number 14448.

If you want, you can also make online complaint directly to RBI by visiting this link.

  • https://cms.rbi.org.in/cm/indexpage.html#eng

In this way you can file a complaint with the bank employees, here is some more important information which can be useful for you.

These 6 things related to banking can be useful to you?

  • In case of delay in check collection on the part of the bank, it will have to compensate the customer.
  • This action will have to be taken by the bank at its level. He can’t wait for you to claim this compensation.
  • Similarly, if there is any delay on the part of the bank in the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) instructions given by you, you will get compensation for that too.
  • If the ESC fails due to lack of balance in the account, then you will have to pay a penalty for that.
  • You can get the old notes exchanged in any bank of the country. No bank can refuse to do so.
  • If you have applied for a loan, then the bank cannot reject it without assigning any reason. If any bank does this then you can complain about it.

In this way you can complain about the bank staff’s mesbehave, take care in future so that no bank employee can tell you that it is lunch time now and your work will be done only after that.


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