Why this herpes happens again and again near the lips

Herpes disease is caused by the simplex virus. Also known as HSV. A viral infection can also occur in your mouth and genital area. It cannot be called a serious disease, but it can be called a painful problem. One of the biggest problems with this virus is that if it happens once, it slowly starts spreading in the body. Herpes affects in two ways. First, it can occur in oral areas like around the mouth, eyes, face, lips. Secondly it can be in the genital area. The symptoms of herpes have not appeared in one way. They can also appear on the hands or fingers and other parts of your body. People also associate herpes with shame, but it is absolutely wrong to do so. 

What the WHO report says

According to the World Health Organization, in the year 2016, about 67 percent of the population under the age of 50 were suffering from oral and genital herpes HSV-1. In 2016, about 13 percent of people between the ages of 15 and 49 were suffering from HSV-2 herpes. Other research suggests that more than 90 percent of adults over the age of 50 have HSV-1 antibodies. Experts have yet to find a cure for herpes, but antivirals and home remedies can help control the disease. can be found. 

Differences between HSV-1 and HSV-2 

HSV-1: In this, this herpes, wound occurs in the mouth or its surrounding area. Wounds or blisters occur after fever. After that it starts increasing slowly. 

HSV-2 : It mainly causes genital herpes, lesions can occur in any part of the genital area. 

What can cause HSV to spread?

If a person has this herpes viral and you come in direct contact with him. So you have every chance of getting this disease. Like kissing a person suffering from this disease. Or you can use her used beauty products. So in such a situation there are full chances of you getting this disease. If you use the lip balm, razor, or drinking utensils and eating utensils of a person suffering from this disease, then you come in direct contact with the virus. And then this disease can attack you too. 

 Like HSV-1, HSV-2 also has the same causes of spread. When you come in direct contact with someone suffering from it. 

HSV symptoms
The first symptom is that there will be sores or blisters in the body and it will be very itchy. Which is difficult to tolerate after a time. 

There is a risk of genital infection in HSV 2. There may also be a wound in the area around it and severe burning and pain while toileting. 

Primary HSV Symptoms

In the initial symptoms, blisters or sores appear on your face, mouth or hands and feet, but instead of ending within a few days, they do not heal completely for several days. Those sores are very itchy. 

HSV lesions can also be painful and itchy.

Tingling can also occur in the body. You may also develop a fever after a sore near the mouth. 

Symptoms of the disease
Wound- As soon as this infection occurs in the body, pimples start appearing on the face. And they gradually take the form of a wound. Especially it is at risk of becoming a wound around the mouth. Water and pus also start coming out of these wounds. And it doesn’t heal quickly. 

Fever- Pain starts in the body due to wounds on the face and mouth. Also high fever occurs.  It can also occur after herpes infection. 

Herpes patient should always avoid these things

Don’t take bath with cold water

Don’t wash the wound or blister repeatedly. let it dry

don’t eat too much oily

wear loose clothing

do not touch the wound frequently

ice cream

Keep applying cream or lotion on the wound or blisters regularly. 

Take special care of diet in herpes

If you want to avoid herpes, then you have to take special care of your diet. For this, you have to include sprouted gram and cauliflower regularly in your diet.

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